Autoparts manufacturing and testing equipment

Filter parts and components
Filter papers and non-woven media
Air Filters (completed product) Oil Filters (completed product)
Catalytic Converters

Parts/components for catalytic converters
Precious metal (Pt, Pd, Rh) compounds for catalytic converters
Catalytic Converters
(completed product)
Precious Metals

Adhesives, sealant, plastic resins, cerium oxide, cerous nitrate, lanthanum nitrate, corrosion inhibitors, hot melt resins, test dust, activated carbon, etc.

Thick Film Paste for O
2 sensors
Details - 'AUTOMOTIVE'
Copiers and Laser Beam Printers

Ozone Decomposing Filters
Details - 'FILTRATION'
Various Telecommunications Apparatus

Thick Film Paste for LTCC
Details - 'CHEMICALS'