We deal in such products/materials as used for the following auto parts applications:
Parts, components and filter materials (filter papers, non-woven media, etc.) for production of various types of automotive filter, such as air filters, oil filters and air cleaners.
Air Filters (completed product) Oil Filters (completed product) Filter Papers

@Catalytic Converters
Parts, components and precious metal (Pt, Pd and Rh) compounds for production of catalytic converters.
Catalytic Converters
(completed product)
Precious Metals

Thick film pastes for production of O2 sensors.
Thick Film Pastes

Chemicals for production of auto parts, such as adhesives, sealant, plastic resins, cerium oxide, cerous nitrate, lanthanum nitrate, corrosion inhibitors, hot melt resins, test dust, activated carbon, etc.